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Lead Teacher 3-5 Year Old Room

Responsible to:
Director & Owner
Position Responsibilities:

  • Promote We Teach 2 team attitude.
  • Motivate and uphold teacher moral and attendance within classroom.
  • Explain and instruct assistants in daily activities.
  • Help keep rooms clean, orderly, and free of hazards.
  • Prepare lesson plans weekly, focusing on developmentally appropriate activities and curriculum.
  • Submit lesson plans for approval by Friday for the following week.
  • Follow the daily food menu program.
  • Become familiar with and implement routines, schedules and learning programs in your room.
  • Communicate with director and owner about children in your care.
  • Preparation of daily materials during nap time prior to next day’s lesson.
  • Sanitation of the classroom, center and playground.
  • Complete various forms as assigned for assistants, students, and parents.
  • Be accountable for and execute safety, sanitation, and security procedures.
  • Communicate openly and tactfully with parents on a daily basis.
  • Knowledge of and implement discipline policy as needed.
  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings.
  • Distribute medication to students as needed.
  • Periodically change room arrangement along with carpet and table seating assignments.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:
Note:  We teach 2 can arrange for the first four requirements.

  • CPR training (adult and child)
  • First Aid training (adult and child)
  • Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter certification within the first 30 days of hire
  • Universal Precautions training
  • Possess an Associate’s degree in early childhood education or child development; or a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, child development or a child related field.
  • Ten hours of professional growth for the first year and six hours every year thereafter.
  • Civil rights training (yearly) in April of every year, 30 minutes.
  • CACFP Training (yearly) 1.5 hours per year, step to success training done module 1,6,9,10
  • CACFP new staff orientation done within the first 2 weeks of hire
  • Ability to manage a variety of tasks and responsibilities in an orderly and efficient manner.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to take initiative and generate enthusiasm in other staff and students.
  • Free of conviction by law in any state for the mistreatment of a child, violence against a person, lascivious acts with a child, child neglect, or child abuse.
  • Willingness to assume responsibility and to be accountable for decisions.
  • Evidence of good health according to a pre-employment physical and every three years thereafter.
  • Be available for full time employment and available to work as late as 5:30 pm.

How to Apply

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