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Our Current Classes

kids-2985782_1280.jpgWe offer a wide range of classes for children newborn through school ages. Our classrooms include:

  • Our infant room: is from 6 weeks-1 year the staff provide care for the infants and maintain a schedule set by the parents.
  • Toddler, 2s, 3s, & 4/5s have a weekly lesson plan that consists of a theme of the week, shape, letter and color.
  • Toddler room: is from 1 year (or walking well) - 2 years Staff introduce basic flash cards, sing songs, read books etc.
  • 2 year old classroom: staff work with children on potty training when ready introducing to the children shapes, colors, ABC's, counting, story time, singing songs.
  • 3 year old room: shapes, colors, ABC's, counting, name recognition. We implement centers at this age to get them used to going from one activity to another.
  • 4/5 year olds: shapes, colors, writing the alphabet/numbers and their name. 

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