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History and Philosophy


WE TEACH 2 began as an idea back in 1996 by a group of local Iowans from Cedar Rapids to create an innovative and nurturing environment for kids of all ages to attend.  Partnering with State Certified Teachers, experienced child care representatives, and local entrepreneurs, WE TEACH 2 was created.  Since those early days, the enduring promise of a commitment to providing an educational and nurturing environment for families and their children has remained.  We welcome you to come and explore our center.

Mission Statement

We Teach 2 is a high quality child care center that provides an enriching, educational experience for children ages 0-12 years. Our top concern is serving the whole child by taking care of children’s health and safety as well as providing an engaging, supportive and challenging learning environment. 


At We Teach 2 we believe that all children, given the right environment, will be successful in all aspects of their lives. Our goal is to establish a safe, nurturing, and fun environment in which we can work with the children socially, intellectually and physically. At We Teach 2 we help the children to develop the skills and abilities they’ll need to prepare them for their academic future and beyond. This is achieved through the cooperation of our trained staff and family participation, in addition to the special advantages we offer, such as: Field Trips, Adventure in the Arts, Intellectual Explorations, Indoor and Outdoor Active Play, and Computer Enrichment.