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About Us

We Teach 2 is a child care learning center located on the SW side of Cedar Rapids. We offer daycare starting at age 6 weeks up to age 12 with a great before and after school program and a summer program!

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The goal and purpose of WE TEACH 2 is to provide the highest quality childcare / preschool environment in the area.  We offer a safe, nurturing, and creative environment for children ages 2-12. At WE TEACH 2 our staff, in cooperation with the parents of our center are the key to the success of our center and are responsible for developing a caring, compassionate, and challenging environment to fit the developmental needs, diversity, and unique characteristics of each child.  At our center we attempt to meet the individual needs of each student through positive experiences, creative curriculum, reinforcement of behavioral expectations, freedom for individual choice, and provisions for health, safety, and nutritional requirements.

Open Door Policy

At We Teach 2 we have an open door policy in which parents are welcome to come and visit the children and/or participate in the classroom or for field trips any time their schedule allows. Although no notice is required, we encourage parents who would like to participate in projects time to call ahead. We Teach 2 also allows for parents to come and have lunch with the children any time they wish. Any parent who wishes to join us for lunch must call ahead an notify the office that they will be coming in for lunch. A fee will be charged per person who joins us for lunch.